Mum makes face mask out of her breast milk to ‘bond’ with her newborn baby


We all love a pamper now and again, but one mum who wanted to bond with her newborn took things a step further.

When first-time mum Linh Ta noticed that her newborn had developed little red bumps on his face, she decided to make him a facemask out of breastmilk.

She shared the process on TikTok, where she’s known as @ahlingaling, and it has since gone viral, amassing a staggering 4.2 million views since being posted.

The caption reads: “When your baby has acne and you make a breast milk mask for him.”

She starts by taking a clean, dry facemask sheet and placing it in a bowl of breastmilk.

Once the sheet had absorbed the breast milk, Lihn then simply places it on her baby’s face.

She then leaves it on his skin in the hopes it may help soothe his acne.

She wrote under the video: “I made the mask purely out of boredom and just to have a little fun. I’m a first-time mom so I’m learning things as I go.”

Since being posted, the video has received more than 489,000 likes and 1,800 comments from people who thought it was an adorable way for her to bond with her baby.

One person said: “Your baby is going to LOVE these photos when they are like 16 years old lol.”

Another wrote: “Um my heart is screaming this is too cute. Not me going to go cut up a dry wipe and do this on my 9 week old.”

A third commented: “I need a before and after result?”

Other mums assured her not to worry and said that the acne would go down, as one person wrote: “Soo cute! But the acne will pass, it’s just your hormones leaving their body it’s not like ‘our’ acne.”

While someone else said: “Baby acne is due to the hormones baby gets from you during labour/ birth. It will go away all on its own! V cute idea though.”

In a follow-up video, Lihn revealed that the mask did in fact calm his skin and that the red bumps had gone down.